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We have not received the 2020-08-13 zip code update from the Maryland Department of Health yet. It is expected at 11:05 AM. Last Update was 2020-08-12 11:05:54. View APIs HERE. #BigData #covid19math
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From 2 cases to 7 cases is a 250% change in 90 days.

up 4%

From 52 cases to 62 cases is a 19% change in 14 days.

up 1%

From 20 cases to 62 cases is a 210% change in 30 days.

up 10%

From 10 cases to 62 cases is a 520% change in 45 days.

up 20%
Report Date Name Resident Type Report Count Number of Resident Cases Number of Staff Cases Number of Resident Deaths Number of Staff Deaths
2020-08-12Amazing Grace Assisted Living, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Asbury Solomons Nursing Facility, MarylandAssisted41300
2020-08-12Aspenwood Senior Living, MarylandAssisted117410
2020-08-12Blue Point Nursing and Rehab, MarylandAssisted117853240
2020-08-12Brightview Mays Chapel Ridge, MarylandAssisted30300
2020-08-12Brookdale Assisted Living Pikesville, MarylandAssisted28181080
2020-08-12Brookdale Potomac Senior Living, MarylandAssisted29181140
2020-08-12Candlelight Cove, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Caritas House Assisted Living, MarylandAssisted30300
2020-08-12Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center, MarylandAssisted32141860
2020-08-12Coffman Nursing Home, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12College Manor, MarylandAssisted41300
2020-08-12Commonwealth Assisted Living at Belair, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Devlin Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, MarylandAssisted11000
2020-08-12Elkton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, MarylandAssisted20200
2020-08-12Forrest Hill Health Rehab, MarylandAssisted1228933120
2020-08-12Friends Nursing Home, MarylandAssisted41212060
2020-08-12Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted65100
2020-08-12Heartlands Assisted Living at Severna Park, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Julia Manor, MarylandAssisted20200
2020-08-12Kensington Nursing and Rehab, MarylandAssisted82542820
2020-08-12Kindley Asisted Living at Asbury Methodist Village, MarylandAssisted102810
2020-08-12Lakeside at Mallard Landing, MarylandAssisted11000
2020-08-12Lorien Bel Air, MarylandAssisted30300
2020-08-12Lutheran Village Millers Grant, MarylandAssisted81710
2020-08-12Manokin Center for Rehab Healthcare, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12ManorCare Bethesda, MarylandAssisted42200
2020-08-12ManorCare Health Services Rossville, MarylandAssisted826121150
2020-08-12Maugansville Mennonite Home, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Moran Nursing Rehabilitation Center, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Morningside House Laurel, MarylandAssisted11000
2020-08-12Morningside House of St Charles, MarylandAssisted20200
2020-06-17Northwest Hospital Center Subacute rehab facility, MarylandAssisted1871120
2020-07-15Northwest Hospital Center Subacute rehab facility, MarylandAssisted1971220
2020-08-12Northwest Hospital Center Subacute Rehab Facility, MarylandAssisted22111120
2020-08-12Peak Healthcare at Hartley, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Peak Healthcare The Pines, MarylandAssisted189930
2020-08-12Peak Healthcare Sligo Creek, MarylandAssisted50272360
2020-08-12Raphael House, MarylandAssisted54100
2020-08-12Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents Baltimore, MarylandPatient10100
2020-08-12Rolling Meadows Catonsville, MarylandAssisted106410
2020-08-12South River Healthcare, MarylandAssisted715813120
2020-08-12Springhouse of Pikesville Assisted Living, MarylandAssisted158700
2020-08-12Spring Grove Hospital Center, MarylandPatient74443040
2020-08-12Sterling Care Assisted Living Pikesville, MarylandAssisted31200
2020-08-12Sunrise at Fox Hill, MarylandAssisted22101250
2020-08-12Sunrise of Annapolis, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Sunrise of Silver Spring, MarylandAssisted2617910
2020-08-12The Lion Center, MarylandAssisted20200
2020-08-12Weinberg Park, MarylandAssisted20200
2020-08-12Well Homed Inc Singerly House, MarylandAssisted10100
2020-08-12Westminster Healthcare, MarylandAssisted1049113180
2020-08-12Woodland Assisted Living, MarylandAssisted20200
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