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Using 76 API's for 9 States we are currently Processing Zip Codes for 2020-10-30 00:09:05. We have processed 1115 and have 1829 to process. 2,944 Total. 555 Living Facilities View APIs HERE. #BigData #covid19math
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From 7 cases to 7 cases is a 0% change in 7 days.

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Report Date Name Resident Type Report Count Number of Resident Cases Number of Staff Cases Number of Resident Deaths Number of Staff Deaths
2020-08-12Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted65100
2020-08-19Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted1610600
2020-08-26Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted41221930
2020-09-02Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted50292140
2020-09-09Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted52302240
2020-09-16Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted54312360
2020-09-23Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted55312460
2020-09-30Harrison Senior Living, MarylandAssisted55312460
2020-06-17Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandAssisted1001000
2020-08-26Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1201200
2020-09-02Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1311200
2020-09-09Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1311200
2020-09-16Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1511400
2020-09-23Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1511400
2020-09-30Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1511400
2020-10-07Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1511400
2020-10-14Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1511400
2020-10-28Worcester County Detention Center, MarylandPatient1611500
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---- 5/30/2020 Since we get data starting at 8 - but only zips with cases are in the data set, let's fix all the math issues with zero and start with 1 less than the first number we get, 7