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Maryland COVID 19 Reopen Dashboard

We are setting up this page to track zipcodes across the curve. As they trend higher we count the days, as they flatten off we count the days, as they drop we count the days. Every time the trend changes the duration resets.

14+ Day Trends Flat / Down

14+ Day Trends Up

Up Trend

Flat Trend

Down Trend

New Direction Up

New Direction Flat

New Direction Down

Phase One Reopen 2020-07-04

The following zip codes are flat or down for over 2 weeks and ready to look at how to begin phase one.

Not Phase One 2020-07-04

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---- 5/30/2020 Since we get data starting at 8 - but only zips with cases are in the data set, let's fix all the math issues with zero and start with 1 less than the first number we get, 7